Monday, December 6, 2010

Polar Express 2010

I don't even know how to express how much Trey LOVED The Polar Express... His love for trains is beyond an obsession so this was pure heaven for him!!! It was so fun to watch the pure joy and excitement as he watched the HUGE trains pull in and out of the station and then to get on and ride it!!!! We have probably watched The Polar Express 100 times so when the train pulled in and all the chefs were hanging out the train waving Trey ate it up, and then as we pulled out of the station and they played the theme song from the movie I literally think he thought he was on The Polar Express lol. This year was even more fun because we went with friends!!! There were 5 families total each with 2 kids 3 years and under lol, and then we all stayed at the same hotel and were all next door to each other!!! We all went out to dinner and breakfast and with as many kids that were there everything went smooth and perfect so it was lots of fun! It must have been good because we have all already said we are going again together next year lol! My only complaint would be that it did NOT snow this year so that was a little bit of a bummer but we were able to find some that was old lol!
Just getting to the station
The whole gang!!!!

Showing the elf his new train
kiddos in line to meet Santa
Mrs. Claus LOVED his curls lol
Boston & Daddy

With the Conductor himself!!!
Right before boarding
Just fell asleep
On the train
Boston was asleep at first
but then it was too fun to sleep!
Trey got this new train before we left and NEVER let go of it the rest the trip (like he slept it)
One of the chefs handing out cookies that Mrs. Claus made!!!


Trey & Tatum in awe together

Pure excitement!!!!!Boston getting his bell
Trey staring out the window at the North Pole
Boston thoroughly enjoyed eating his bell
Lauren, Tatum, Trey, & Audrey playing with their new bells from Santa

Rowan & Trey
Preston & ALL the kids lol

Boston shacked up with Molly for a little bit


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