Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve was spent with The Smith side which has actually become the tradition now that I think about it. We do our Secret Santa exchange, do dinner & dessert, and then all go to church together. It is quite a nice day! We also did some other family gifts today too since this Christmas is a little different in the fact that we are ALL (my whole family and Mark's) going to the Cardinals VS Cowboys game on Christmas night! The boys were beyond spoiled by MiMi and PaPa as usual lol and so were Mark and I! I would have to say that the favorite gift will be our DISNEYLAND TRIP that they got us!!!!! We are beyond excited to go!
Now both boys are in bed and I wouldn't say that sugarplums are in Trey's head but Thomas lol is! I have to admit Mark and I both are now soooo excited to do "the Santa" thing tonight so I am going to get off the blog and help Santa eat his cookies lol...
Ready to get started lol
Boston even enjoying the paper

In front of MiMi's tree

Trey with Sabriya down at the front of church listening to the Pastor tell the story of the candy cane
At church


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