Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

Soooooo we did not have the most ideal picture taking circumstances lol but it worked. Boston was pretty sick with croup & Trey and I had colds! Anyways you will notice the boys are wearing black pants with teal rugged patches--I MADE them (this is the tutorial)!!!!!!! I literally bought black linen fabric and sewed Trey's pants completely from scratch!!!!! (why did I want to do this I have no freaking clue lol) So when it came to doing Boston's pants I just sewed the patches on to a pair of black pants I had lol. I have had quite a few weddings the past 6 weeks so I just ran out of time and it was time consuming, but it is kind of neat knowing I made their stuff this year. Of course we had to do the bow ties 1 more time lol!!!!
My VERY handsome husband & I!

Pictures were done by Jackie Lindfors


Heather said...

you are one seriously good looking family! Great pictures...I could totally see this on the cover of a magazine! :)

Mark, Shannon, Trey & Boston said...

Thanks Heather!!!

Jac said...

Your pics turned out great!!

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