Monday, December 20, 2010

Zoo Lights

This year for Zoo Lights we had some family accompany us! Trey LOVES being with his aunts and uncles (you should hear our prayer every night before bed--it takes about 10 minutes because we have to name them ALL) It was so much fun this year-I LOVED it!!!!

GiGi and the boys--Mark insisted that Trey needed the BIGGEST light stick they sold!

Boston of course needed a little light stick
Aunt Shamara

Shamesha, Boton, MiMi & PaPa

The carousel was a BIG favorite!
Uncle Ken playing with Boston
I just LOVE Boston's reindeer outfit lol!!!


1 comment:

Stillman Family said...

So cute!! Love these pictures! Pres has that big sword thing too! =)

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