Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas day started out by the 4 of us opening the gifts from Santa and playing with them for a bit. Then we headed over to my parents house to do gifts and a big turkey dinner. It was a super nice day and the boys were MAJORLY spoiled once again. I am pretty sure we own every Thomas toy that exists lol. The favorite today is probably the PLASMA CAR & 3 WHEELER at GiGi's house and Boston even got a toy to ride on too so I think the boys are set for awhile now lol. Then we had to load up and leave the house by 3:30 to head out to the stadium for a little football. It was actually a super good game to go to and the boys did great considering we stayed the entire 4 quarters and never got up to walk around. My whole family and Mark's whole family went so that was fun that we all got to be together. We all originally planned to go to this game obviously because Ken would have to play but he hurt his knee in the Minnesota game and is out for the rest of this season so he got to go with us to the game.
And Santa has come...
Checking out the loot
Even Boston was excited for the presents!

Thomas was the theme

Boston couldn't wait for Daddy to open this!

Notice the new slippers lol

Daddy playing with the toys lol
Opening presents with Aunt Shayla at GiGi & Poppie's now
Boston with GiGi
A new Mack
Shayla giving Boston a ride on Trey's new Plasma car
Now opening Great Grandma's gifts--Thanks soooooo much for the PJ's and all the toys!!!!!!
Boston playing with his new toy with Poppie
Aunt Shay & Uncle Arie playing with Treys new stuff
How many guys does it take to put together a 3 wheeler lol???
Uncle Arie on the plasma and Trey on his new bike racing

Hot stuff!!
Even Boston got a new riding toy
Uncle Shaw taking Treys plasma down his ramp (yes my brother has a ramp in his bedroom lol)
Christmas dinner at my moms
Now Poppie on the plasma car

Before the game started--can't find Mark though lol
Aunt Santana
Aunt Shamara

Trey with Uncle Ken
MiMi & Trey



Stillman Family said...

Loved looking through the pictures. Can wait to come over and ride the plasma! =)

Sara from Sara vs. Sarah said...

fun day! wow ... we need to come play at your house soon! ps- did you get the silhouette? i was gonna get it but then realized it doesn't work on fabric, so i need to think on it! :-)

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