Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

Well our morning consisted of Trey and I watching the parade while Boston crawled around and played and Mark went to work. (Honeybears deep fries/smokes turkeys so he works early morning til about 1:00pm) Then we headed over to my in laws house for our big meal! My family also joined us over there which was nice--we got to see everyone in 1 stop!
watching the parade

Aunt Shanel with Boston
GiGi & boys
Our 2 boys with Mark's uncles (Kirk & Lisa) boys--they are 2nd cousins
Charlie, Max, Boston, Trey, & Ben--why do we have no girls lol--there was A LOT of rough housing, football, and cars!!!
Great Grandma & boys

Trouble!!! Trey, Charlie, & Ben

Boston with PaPa

Prayer before dinner
Poppie and Boston
Boston LOVED eating all the Thanksgiving foods with MiMi!! (Sweet potatoes were the favorite)


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