Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seriously baked the day away!

This is the 4th year in a row (minus last year cuz we were in Utah) that my sister and I have gotten together to bake pies for Thanksgiving!!! My sister's amazing mother in law is who taught us how and got us started!!! This was actually the 1st time we did not get to bake with her but did it on our own, and she taught us well because they all turned out PERFECT!!!!! We also had Alexa come bake with us too which was fun! (by the way we never would have been able to do this if my mom and grandma did not come over and do the boys so THANK YOU!!!!!) Anyways we started at about 10:30am and literally did not finish til 5:45pm--literally liked only sat for 20 minutes to eat lunch! We always bake pumpkin and apple pie, but this year my sister and I also decided to throw in some themed cupcakes! It was soooo much fun and am I am so happy that this is something we have continued doing! Now I just have to wait 2 days to eat them!
Are these not the cutest cupcakes ever lol?
carmel, pretzel sticks, & chopped pound cake as stuffing
My sis with her pumpkin--me with my apple
Alexa with her pumpkin--her 1st time baking

The lovely babysitters!
Our leaves
Making the dough
Shayla peeling away and yes 2 of my trees are up--don't judge lol!


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Andrea VanHofwegen said...

Shannon, Shayla & Alexa, Your pies are beautiful! You should be very proud. Your families will enjoy eating them! Happy Thanksgiving!

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