Sunday, November 14, 2010

Decorating the tree... (1 of many)

Today we went over to my mom's house to decorate the family tree. We always got a ornament every year growing up so we each have a box full! Yes mid November is a tad early but everyone is always so busy and this way we for sure get to do it!!!!
Shayla, Trey, and I
Trey with his 2 uncles
Trey liked to just lay the ornaments randomly in the tree and he really thought he did a great job lol helping
Uncle Shane, Aunt Alexa, and the boys
Trey at dinner with ALL 9 of our undivided attention as he talked lol


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Kimberlyn said...

So sorry... Okay about borders and collages. I made the collage in Picasa. And the borders are just one of the background options when you are using bloggers simple backgrounds. I can explain better if this makes no!

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