Friday, November 5, 2010

My date with Trey

So on our date Trey and I went to have breakfast with the giraffes at the zoo!!! It was so fun!!!! They served us breakfast on these tables covered with giraffe facts and toys, and then we got to go on the zoo keeper trail to their barn (which is ENORMOUS) to go be with them up close and feed them breakfast!!!!! We had lots of fun and it was so funny since Boston was not with us Trey wanted me to hold him quite often lol which he never wants up he always wants down and to run.
In front of the 2 giraffes we spent the morning with (Zuri & Jambo)
Playing in the giraffe tent
Practicing with pully system that the zoo keepers use to feed the giraffes

It was incredible to see these so close--this gate does not do it justice!!!
Look at this tongue!
You can kind of tell but Trey has a shocked look here because te giraffe just took his treat from his hand and slurped up his arm lol

With Brody in front of the giraffe barn (where they sleep at night)
Merry go round with Brody


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Miss M! said...

That's really cool! How did you get to do that?

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