Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Zoo!!!

We got out of the house finally!!!! The boys are finally getting normal, and I took a break from my wedding stuff to do something fun! And we got to be outside because it is finally getting nice out! We went with Laura & her 2 boys--I LOVE hanging out with her because we are in the exact same spot in life--we each have 2 boys the same ages=total chaos!!!! All 4 boys did awesome!Boston and Blake rode in the stroller the whole time without making a peep and the Trey and Brayden rode in the wagon so they could get in and out to see the animals.

How cute are they?
This little baboon or whatever it is came right up to them

Here we got yelled at for going off the trail lol--but this is where the anteaters were so we did it!

Milking the cow

My Baby!!!!!


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