Monday, October 18, 2010

To the pumpkin patch!

This year we went to the pumpkin patch on Daddy's day off and invited GiGi ,MiMi, & Great-Grandma! I LOVE the pumpkin patch--I would love it better if it were chilly outside but I will take what I can get. So I see all these pictures of people taking their little girls to pumpkin patches in black and orange tights or orange tutus with HUGE bows so I thought what could I do for the boys????? BOW TIES!!!!! Yes I bought a pattern and went to the fabric store to find some "nerdy but cute plaid fabric" and got to sewing!!!! I LOVE them, and they each only took about 45 minutes and thats with the boys hanging on me!!!!! They turned out so cute and we got some very nice compliments on them!!!! I for sure will be making more of these!! Anyways the pumpkin patch was fun and we got the cutest pictures of the boys, and I think they had fun doing all the activities there as well! (I can not wait to go back and photoshop some of these!!)
Attempted family pic

Great Grandma and her partner
Trey LOVED these baby chicks
Daddy & Bos
Boston I just want to eat you up!
Tractor Boys

I LOVE this picture of my baby except he is looking old:(
I LOVE the bow ties!!!!!!!

Picking out what one to decorate

Helping the boys decorate their pumpkins

Looking at this years turkeys with GiGi

These little piggies were 1 day old!
I just LOVE these
With MiMi
Boston following Trey into the tunnel
Both boys loved how close the animals were
Love these 2!!!!!



melissa said...

audigkatrina is sitting in my lap and said....look at "trey's hair bow!" lol had to share

Jessica Stoker said...

This post is so adorable, so many cute pictures. I hate how cute your family is with those adorable boys in their bow ties. :)

Stillman Family said...

Love it all! Love the matchy matchy family! =)

Anna said...

I think you should add the bow ties to your "SHOP" for all those mommies who want a little something extra for their boys since they can't have hair bows either.

Sara from Sara vs. Sarah said...

shannon - those bowties (and those boys!) are super duper cute! love 'em!!! are you at mother nature's farm?

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