Saturday, October 16, 2010

On the Move

Well this post is about 2-3 weeks old but Boston is officially on the move and ALL over!!! He crawls in and out of rooms, pulls himself up to his knees on EVERYTHING, and I even have to tell him no no when he goes after my "pretty's." You should see his face when I tell him no lol he stops, but he looks at me then looks to Trey and I think he is thinking "I thought you only yelled at him." Now every time I go into get him after naps or the night he is standing on the edge and waiting for me!



Miss M! said...

Maybe this sounds weird, but it seems like the second babies are hitting these milestones way faster than all of our first children did. How is he standing already??? I'm freaking out at how fast he's growing and he's not even my kid!

Stillman Family said...

OMG Shan. Those are the cutest pictures of B. And that video is so cute. I know it's sounds stupid but I feel like he looked like Jaggar in the video but I am SURE it's just because they are both so friggen cute =)

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