Sunday, October 24, 2010

Home Birther's Picnic

Yes you read that right lol! Today Boston and I attended my midwives practice home birthers picnic. Basically my midwife invites all the families of babies that she has recently delivered to one big picnic. I believe she recently just passed the 600 mark... Anyways I have 2 friends that used the same midwife so we met at the picnic so we did not feel uncomfortable because we 3 are definitely not the normal home birther. It was so nice to see Wendi (the midwife) she really is the sweetest lady and she has such a bond with all the babies--I think it is neat to see her engage with the babies because she gets so excited to see them lol--and how weird to look around at be like I delivered all these... (Mark and our 2 friends husbands all opted out of the picnic because "they did not want to hang out with all the granola's" even though Mark did love Wendi it just is not up his alley lol)
All home birthing families that Wendi delivered

Wendi and her babies

Boston, Reagan, & Hunter
Erin, Jennifer, & I with Wendi

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