Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feed the Fish

Well its mid October and today was still 95 degrees--this really is not cool!!!! So we have to get creative on indoor activities for the kids so a couple moms from our play group headed over the Bass Pro Shop lol to feed the trout!!!! This store is HUGE and has a huge aquarium full of fish and they let people feed the fish daily. The kids loved it! Little Elizabeth (the one in the pink) got so excited she kicked her shoe off right into the water lol. Gabriella has shown quite a interest for Boston lately lol she always wants to sit by him and give him his binky--I am not sure Trey likes the attention she gives Boston lol. Obviously we are running out of things to do indoors so hopefully the weather gets nice soon!!!!!


1 comment:

Jessica Stoker said...

It was fun to see you all today. We definitely need to get those Lightning loving boys together more often.

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