Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Soccer Tots

So in my attempts to keep my VERY energetic 2 two year old active we started soccer this week!!! He did ok at it, but turns out he had a cold which explained why he was not super in to it. However when he got to KICK things he was fine lol. Then half way thru the class he spotted a football in the grass a little ways a way and that was the end of it lol and all he talked about was the football and Shaw lol. Fortunately there is not a football class for 2 year olds lol cuz that would be scary. Anyways the boys are soooooo lucky to have such AMAZING grandparents that want to come to everything and help with Boston so I can even do half the things we do!!! MiMi and GiGi are rotating every week and Poppie was even able to come stop by this time too!!!! I can not imagine what it will be like when he has a game he will probably have around 15-20 people there to watch just from family lol!!!!
Waiting for his sticker at the end
I love his little itty bitty shin gaurds lol

They were working on motor skills here by stacking every other then getting to KICK it down

Boston and MiMi getting to watch from their blanket

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Miss M! said...

I didn't even know they made shin guards that small! Too cute. :)

Amy Lemmermann said...

Soccer fun!! we did that too!! and yes I did do Vanessa's pics but I didnt do the pumpkin, those were at hobby lobby and they are porcelin

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