Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day!

Well we didn't have a huge BBQ or anything but late this afternoon we did take a little family dip in our pool--it was PERFECT!!! Trey is fearless in the water but it was so fun to hang out and play with him. He has been pretty good this week and has gone back to his normal PRE-BOSTON sleeping schedule for the most part which is nice--that only took 3 months lol. After we went swimming we went out to dinner with Mark's sister and her other half which also was nice and relaxing!
Trey loves American flags
Trey drinking from the drip system
Boston sitting poolside
Even though Trey has a fro and I have no make-up on I love this picture!!!
Trey has been so sweet this week!!! I LOVED swimming with him!
Jumping to Daddy

Loves holding his juice box all by himself


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