Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bowling Smith Style...

So for my sister-in-law's birthday we ALL went bowling--even TREY!!! Besides the fact that when we all go somewhere its always crazy because when we roll in, there are a good 15 people--bowling was no exception especially because we were all suppose to dress like cowboys too lol. Now normally I would not recommend taking your "2" year old bowling but when there is this many people I figured it wouldn't be that big of deal. Trey had his name in the system and played all 3 games with everyone and only tried chasing his ball down the lane ONCE which ended in him slipping backwards on his head and his aunt slipping right after him to go get him (the floors are like slippery ice once you cross that line lol) he learned fast not to do that again. I'm not sure one real competitive game was played without the boys trying trip, poke the other in the butt, or rolling another bowling ball at the person up from behind--all very SAFE things lol--I am actually surprised we were not kicked out. All in all I would say it was fun though!


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