Monday, May 31, 2010

Maybe I am domestic!

So apparently I have a green thumb... When Mark and I started our garden we honestly didn't know how it would go or if any of our plants would even sprout anything. So because of this I guess I over planted lol. Technically I didn't know I over planted because honestly I didn't do the research lol. So far EVERY single plant we have planted has lived and now they are huge and taking each other over! The basil is out of control and we have cucumbers growing out of our ears lol, and don't get me started on the tomatoes. Anyways its really neat to see it all growing and we are so excited to just go in the yard when we are cooking and pick what we need!

We have a TON of cucumbers coming in
Look close there are 3 bell peppers in this pic
Some tomatoes
Little strawberries

1 comment:

The Fraley Family said...

Lol I died laughing when I saw your before and after pics. At least u didn't kill them. They look soooo good and big :)

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