Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

This really was such a sweet day!!! Mark, the boys, and I went to church and then to lunch. Both boys behaved perfectly so lunch was actually relaxing. Then we went to drop flowers off at my grandma's new house. After we got the tour we headed over to the Smith's for presents, dinner, Suns game, and a Wii tournament!!! I got the CUTEST mom necklaces and PJ's this year! It was extra special for me because my mom and grandma came over too so we got to have dinner with all the MOMS!! It's so crazy to think that last year at my 1st Mother's day I had 1 child and now at my 2nd I have TWO-- I LOVE my boys sooooo much!!!!

MiMi & the boys

My SWEET boys
Opening my gift from Mark's parents... I got MOM necklaces & I LOVE them!!!!
Ken & Shamara with Boston
Aunt Sabriya & Boston
PaPa taking Trey in the courtyard
PaPa & MiMi with the boys

Trey's True Religion jeans from MiMi--are they not the cutest???

GiGi & Boston
Great Grandma, GiGi, & boys

Trey wanted to take a dip

Reggie & Ken rough housing with Trey--we possibly are going to get kicked out of playgroups if he keeps getting taught to play rough with GROWN men lol!
MiMi & GiGi

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Amy Lemmermann said...

What a GREAT mothers day!!! I am lovin the true religon jeans!!!

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