Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just Peachy

Today Trey, my mom, grandma, Boston, and I loaded up and headed to Schnepf Farms to pick our NO pesticide fresh peaches right from the tree!!! It was so fun you take a hay ride out to the peach orchard, grab your box and pick away! I'm so thankful my mom and grandma joined me cuz this would have been tricky with the 2 boys, no stroller, and a box of our peaches! Trey had a blast running in and out of the trees and eating the peaches while he picked and threw half of them thinking they were balls but whatever he had fun. I love that it is already teaching him where some of his food comes from.
*Of course I had to edit a couple...

On the hay ride out to the orchard

How pretty is that?
Picking away
Into our box

GiGi and TreyExploring...
Really YUMMY!


1 comment:

Jessica Stoker said...

What a great activity! I want to go. I love the ones of Trey in the orchard. The orange shirt is so great.

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