Sunday, May 23, 2010

1-2-3 Months

I love how when you smile your eyes smile too!

So lets see here...
At 3 months Boston you are pretty much an awesome sleeper giving me 5-8 hour stretches a night. I put you in your crib at 11 weeks and you did awesome for 1 week, but then you got your 1st cold so I brought you back into the bassinet to sleep just so I could check on you 100 times a night cuz I am a worrier!!!! I seriously am in awe sometimes at how happy you are. You rarely cry. You don't even care if I have to put saline drops in your nose and then use the aspirator! You just sit there and smile at me while I do it!?!? At that moment I knew I was a very lucky mama. You fit in your 0-3 month clothes but also can wear 3-6 months. You have the biggest smile that melts your heart and occasionally let loose this laugh that comes straight from the belly. You and your brother don't have much interaction yet but I catch you watching him intently which makes me so excited to see you guys play together. You also have the eye contact thing take your huge brown eyes and just stare and stare at people. You love to coo and goo alot and do little squeals. You love a warm bath and could stay in it all day. I already see the tiny infant stage melting away as you stay awake longer and interact more--it's sad and happy all at the same time!

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