Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lazy July Days...

Well honestly we haven't been up to much around here... honestly I have been bored out of my freaking mind, but there isn't much to do at 8 months pregnant in 110 degree weather when you live in a flipping apartment with all your stuff in storage... (sorry I may be a tiny bit annoyed at life lol mostly because I have nothing to "nest" and prep and am at my limit of having a non scheduled organized life) I had my 8 month app. this past Monday, and so far things look ok... I wasn't checked so we don't technically know if I have dilated which means no bed rest yet, but the baby does appear to have dropped already, and apparently I am too stressed lol, but it hasn't effected the baby's stress levels so I am suppose to relax--I told her that probably wasn't happening anytime soon because worrying about the house closing is still 4-5 weeks out. And FYI the baby still does NOT have a name which is also driving me crazy lol. 
We have been to a few birthday parties lately so here are some pictures from those-- first was Malaysia's 1st birthday party and then we had Layla's 4th birthday party & we had my Grandma's birthday dinner!
Aunt Shayla settling any fears on the 1st train ride:)
Trey, Jaggar, & Presley

Trey and the birthday girl eating their donuts

Helping Great Grandma blow out her candles!

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