Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

We had a pretty low key 4th this year--between me being uncomfortable and being in transition mode for the move not much went on... I CAN NOT wait for the 2nd reason to be over I absolutely am done waiting and HATE not being in a home!!!! First we went and hung out with my mom and grandma then we went back so the boys could nap & then the boys and I went and met my dad for dinner since Mark was still at work. Mark was not feeling the whole traffic thing with fireworks so we went to a side street and parked the truck and watched from back there. It was a great view I just didn't plan great--so we didn't have glow sticks:(so next year wherever we watch them I will make sure we have those--maybe we will even have a BBQ since we will be in our new house!!!!
Dessert at GiGi's

 This picture of them on their "phones" cracks me up!!! They will have a conversation forever on them!

Waiting for fireworks to start

 Boston hiding in the truck--he randomly got scared with the noise

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