Saturday, July 21, 2012


Well it has been exactly 1 month since Audie Lynn joined our extended family, and it still doesn't feel real!! We all just LOVE her to pieces, and I am so excited that our little girl and Audie will be so close in age. I have dreamed of the days when we would have kids together:) To read the story about her coming home go to my sister's blog here!

 My Grandma meeting her the day she came home...

 Of course we all ran over to their house the day she came home:)
 Audie's 1st time at Honeybear's and meeting Mark:)
These cousin pictures are from the week she turned 1 month:)


Miss M! said...

OMG - I just read your sister's blog entry and I got chills! I'm so happy for them!

(and seriously dying over the part about the bow. I so get that!)

Rachel Johnson said...

She is such a sweet baby! Tell your sis thanks for letting me (and Tatum lol) love on her the other night.

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