Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve...

This pretty much sums up our New Years Night:) Mac & Cheese dinner for the boys & then I built that little train track city and we played for quite awhile:) It was extremely laid back and after the boys went to bed by 8 Mark went and picked us up dinner and we ate in peace, drank champagne, and watched a movie all while being in pajamas--it was perfection! Honestly as I sit here and ponder about the upcoming year all I can think about is buying our new house & going on our little trip to NY in April:)--I CAN NOT wait to move and I think pinterest has made it worse than it would have been lol...seriously I have so many home projects because of pinterest that I want to start on, but I will try to live "in the moment" until we get those keys this year:) Happy New Years!!

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