Monday, December 12, 2011

Sledding, Snow, & Bearizona!

Today when we woke a fresh layer of snow covered everything and it was so pretty!!! We got up and headed out to do some sledding with Trey & Layla. After we {FROZE} & had enough we went to our usual breakfast spot we go to every year, and then headed over to Bearizona. We had never done this before when we have gone so it was SUPER NEAT to see. You drive thru the 1st half and then there is a part where you get out and walk...I figured since it was snowing pretty good we would only do the drive part, but Mark did go take Trey into the outside part for a good 20 minutes so Trey thoroughly enjoyed that--all he wanted was to be outside in the snow...

Are they not the CUTEST thing ever???

The Johnson's & us
Our own little marshmallow lol--

Albino Bison
These wolves were literally touching our car
Black bears playing
Trey getting smashed by Daddy with a snowball lol
Sleeping bear

Baby wolf
The snow storm made the drive home sooooo pretty!


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