Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day!

Our Christmas day was filled with FAMILY, FOOD, GOOD HEALTH, & PRESENTS all in celebration of Jesus' birth--you really can't ask for more than that! The boys, Mark, & I were all spoiled more than we deserve, but I am pretty sure we stressed enough that it was Jesus' Birthday so Trey had a semi descent grasp of what the day was about--it also helps that the last 3 Sundays at church he has been learning about Jesus' birthday and learned a special birthday song! We started out doing presents from Santa with our little family--Trey 100% got into presents this year and didn't need help opening anything! Boston was easily side tracked with whatever was already open:) Trey specifically asked Santa for a red bike so of course that wish was granted--and of course to be fair Boston got a motorized ATV to keep up with his big brother. Thomas & Chuggington trains were a plenty as well! We then headed over to my Mom's for breakfast and more presents--GiGi & Poppie might have won with the favorite gift of a real big motorized train that you would set up around your Christmas tree--the boys would NOT leave it alone {which is kind of a bummer because I will probably put it away til Christmas next year} they had Uncle Arie playing it with them for hours. We then went and headed back to MiMi & PaPa's house for presents {somehow our timeline got disorganized this year so it wasn't efficient lol} Then we went back to my Mom's for Christmas dinner and to do presents with my Grandma!
It didn't take long for Trey to figure out to look for the corner and start:)

Santa knew a motorized 4 wheeler was needed to keep up with his brother

Trey you specifically asked Santa for a RED bike:)

Then it was off to GiGi's for breakfast and presents
Opening with Uncle Shaw

Poppie helping Boston

flannel shirts from Aunt Shayla & Uncle Arie--Mommy LOVED them:)--this was the only article of clothing they got lol
Helping get the Woody out of the box--Daddy wasn't fast enough
My brothers opening a present together like old times:)
Ohhhh the BIG train--Uncle Arie setting it up with the boys
PRESENTS at MiMi & PaPa's House

Daddy helping Boston
A present for MiMi--custom screen printed pillow on burlap--she LOVED it!!!

Present # 1--Time Square puzzle
Present #2--an apple, Present #3--toy Taxi, Present #4--toy airplane
Present #5--airline tickets to NYC with babysitting while we are gone!!!!

Shocked doesn't even describe it lol, but we are SO EXCITED--so a HUGE thanks to my In-Laws!!!!!
Boston & Aunt Sabriya
I needed another picture with the PRINCESS:)
Love these 3 together!

After dinner the clothes came off and presents with Great Grandma were done in Undies lol--luckily she bought them pajamas so those were put on
and she found Thomas pillow pets so those were a hit!

Aunt Shayla teaching them to make a tunnel with their legs lol
Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus



Rachel Johnson said...

What a great Christmas! And how excited are you guys for your trip! So fun!!

Stillman Family said...

Um, you failed to tell me about the trip! .... lucky duck!

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