Monday, January 2, 2012

Last day of our "Staycation"

We really have not done much of anything this past week even though Mark was off the whole time! We got quite a bit of organizing and cleaning {we are trying to somewhat get organized for our move while its so nice outside}but we didn't finish:) I am SO SAD he is going back to work tomorrow lol--we stayed up so late watching movies every night, and he cooked some amazing meals, and we went on a date night to The Sushi Room--it was perfect!! I am super excited for our real vacations coming up though too--so I suppose I will just start counting down the days for those:)
We decided to take the boys to the zoo today since it was so nice out, so enjoy all the pictures of the back of their heads lol...
At the new orangutan exhibit

Ever since they saw RIO the birds are now a favorite as well
The Lion
Then we also took Trey out to practice on his new bike for the 1st time

Poppie trying to teach him to pedal
Let's just say he doesn't get it yet lol but he is close

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