Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Photos 2011

So I have had this "idea" in my head for awhile, and decided since I was not pregnant and didn't have a newborn to deal with this would be the year to try it out--I wanted to set up a king size wrought iron bed outside and read to the boys and have a pillow fight lol. Luckily I married the most amazing man ever who lets me ONLY use the creative side of my brain and not the logical (at least that is what he tells me lol)so he was down for my set up! Of course the day we had scheduled for months it started to rain on us as we drove to our {1st destination} so midway we turned around and had the photographer turn around to head out to another part of the valley to {location #2} well it just so happened that was Indian land which we did not find out til my bed was practically all set up and the Indian police showed up lol so I made a call to Ocotillo Golf course, which thankfully I give them enough business that they were down with being my {location #3} so down came the bed again and off to Ocotillo it was where Mark and the fabulous photographer re-put the bed together right on the course in front of a lake! Luckily we had just bought Rio the movie so this whole time the boys watched it 2x back to back lol and really didn't make a peep! I have to say that it was all worth it because I LOVE the pictures and can not wait to pick some and put them on canvas and hang them up in a cluster in our new house!!! So here are some of them, but there were just too many to pick from to put them all up--thanks again Radiant Photography--I am lucky enough to work with this amazing team on my weddings, and I just can not tell you how AMAZING their pictures are!!!
Love him!!!
{LOVE} this one of Trey and Mark
The boys reading The very Quiet Cricket
Pillow fight time

And {LOVE} this one of Bosty and Mark

Love his sweet face in this picture--he is still my baby lol
another favorite!
Reading Peter Pan--this is one of my FAVORITES!!!

feathers were EVERYWHERE lol


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Rachel Johnson said...

Shannon! I had no idea your picture day was such an adventure. Way to roll with it! So glad the boys were such troopers because they turned out so cute!

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