Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our "Polar" Tradition

This was our 3rd year in a row going to The Polar Express, and I just LOVE this tradition we have started! I will totally take them every year til they are begging us not to lol! But right now the look on their faces during the whole ride is too magical not to see each year. Again Trey acted as if we really were going to the North Pole. He is actually talking this year so he had his list of what he wanted to tell Santa which was so cute to see!! Boston on the other hand HATED Santa so much that Trey took a picture with him alone and then we did a family shot so Boston would be in 1 lol {I am talking back arched convulsions so we could not even get a crying picture lol}. This year we went on the later train ride at 7:30 which was a little more crazy than the 6pm ride we have done in the past, but it was colder which seemed to make it even more real lol. We also realized by total coincidence that The Johnson Family booked their Polar tickets the same day and time so we met up for a bit for some photos of the kids. It really was a awesome weekend away with our family--we had so much fun together!
At the hotel before we left modeling their new Grinch PJ's--like Trey's scarf lol--he LOVES it lol
Mrs. Claus
Writing letters to Santa

Putting them in Santa's mailbox:)

Looking at the Christmas village with a train of course
Playing with their new trains before we boarded...

*These didn't scan in the best but you get the idea:)

Mrs. Claus' cookies

Following along with the story as it was read

Looking at The North Pole
See Santa on his sleigh...

Getting his BELIEVE bell from Santa
Santa was talking to Boston he but he was so backed into the corner he isn't in the pic lol
Trey kept saying "I can hear it" lol--

Video of Boston dancing to some of the Christmas carols
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