Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Childrens Museum

We headed over to Children's Museum today with The Nolans today-- {Thanks for MiMi & PaPa for such an awesome gift!!!}. Hallie and I were out numbered 4 to 2 lol so it was CRAZY, but the kids all love it there!!! Needless to say we all WANTED a nap after:) While we were there we ran into another friend from high school so that was fun for the kids.

Blue Hair
Painting the castle
I have not let him do this before so we will see if this is really "washable " paint when i do laundry:)
The race track is probably Trey's FAVORITE

Trey making a stir fry

Boston & Blake in the "grocery store" shopping

*Video after we got home Trey was playing with his football men and I thought it was so cute!

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Miss M! said...

WOW - huge difference from when we were there Friday night!!!

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