Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chili, Pumpkins, & Pig Races

I knew I wanted to take the boys to Schnepf Farms this year to at least try it out because I have never been to their fall Chili nights, and I am so glad we did go!!!! We also invited the family to tag along with us which always makes for a fun time. Trey has been watching Charlie Brown's Halloween every night which has a pumpkin patch in it so he has been asking to go to a pumpkin patch 50-100 times a day, which made me even more excited to take him:) If it has to do with FALL I feel like we did it tonight--there was a hay maze, S'mores, hay rides, pumpkins, bon fires, pumpkin launching, live music, & a spooky train ride! We had so much fun and the boys LOVED it! Trey went on his 1st roller coaster and LOVED it--he rode it 3 times! He was also dying to go on the train ride--well little did we know that it was a HAUNTED TRAIN RIDE that lasted 12 minutes lol--Trey sat in the middle of Mark and I so we did almost a perfect job shielding him from all the scary men that popped out lol, but he didn't seem to mind at all:)

Sword fighting with the corn stalks

They found corn!

Yes that is my son peeing in the patch--don't ask...

PaPa and the boys

an attempted shot of the cousins

The new little family
All who were able to make it out to Schnepf with us

I had to fight my mom off the whole night to hold her:)

Trey LOVED the rides!
Trey was so excited for his train ride
Love his face:)

Boston eating dinner by Sabriya



Andrea VanHofwegen said...

Shannon, I love your pumpkin patch pics! You have an adorable family. What fun!

OneLOVE said...

always love to see what's new @ the smith family!!

Mark, Shannon, Trey & Boston said...

Ohh THANK YOU Andrea:) Glad you enjoyed it!

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