Saturday, October 15, 2011

Soccer season continues...

Soccer season is still going which means 1 practice and 1 game a week. Trey absolutely LOVES it (he asks every morning if he gets to go to soccer) now you would not exactly think he loves it being that he is not very interested in kicking the ball, but he is VERY interested in running up and down the field with the rest of the kids chasing the ball. I can not figure out if he is intimidated because he is the youngest or what--now he has had a few "rough housing incidents" but I think that just comes from him wanting to play football... Anyways he always has the best little cheering section--this past weekend Aunt Shayla drove all the way over from Verrado (50 minutes) to see his game:)
Aunt Shayla

I know he is mine but I think he is so CUTE lol

Mark actually coached their practice and game this week...

I would have to say the end of the game is a highlight lol--I mean there is the parent tunnel and the treat--what's not to love???



Jessica Stoker said...

He really is so cute and so photogenic. I love the tunnel. What a great group of soccer buddies.

Rachel Johnson said...

He is the cutest!! And agreed the tunnel is the best part of the soccer game. Glad he is having so much fun!

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