Friday, January 7, 2011

Stroller Hiking-ha!

So Hallie & I decided this morning very last minute to go hike the trail that leads up to the path that goes directly up South Mountain. We took our double joggers and pushed all 4 kids up the path! It was super nice outside and the kids did great sitting in the strollers the whole time! (Now if you don't have a heavy duty jogger don't go try this--it won't work lol) It was pretty rough terrain but the older boys thought it was funny and it put the younger ones straight to bed. Now from the looks we were getting form the runners and bikers I am guessing a lot of moms don't take their strollers up this path, but its definitely something I would love to do more before summer!

Layla & Boston knocked out!

Saying their goodbyes...


1 comment:

Rachel Johnson said...

Oh how fun! I need to start looking to upgrade my jogger stroller to a double jogger soon. You will have to let me know if you recommend yours!

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