Monday, January 31, 2011


Well we have been a little busy around here! We are finally almost all recovered from all being sick!!! Now I am not going to lie and pretend like life is peachy over here because honestly there is A LOT of freaking crap in my life right now that I wish was just OVER, but since this is my family's journal I feel like there should be some kind of note to it so hopefully one day SOON Mark and I can look back and say look at all we have made it through (believe me there is a lot!) Anyways this past weekend I had a work trip to Carlsbad. It was nice to get out of town for a bit. Yes I took all 3 of my boys with me--ever since the ER fiasco I can't stop looking at Boston's head to make sure it looks normal so there was no way I was leaving him!
I had a meeting ALL day Saturday and since our hotel was on Lego Land's property Mark decided to take the boys by himself lol while I was at work. Now when he told me this I tried not to laugh, but he never takes them anywhere together alone--and I don't think I would attempt to go to a theme park alone with them lol! Anyways he claimed they lasted 3 1/2 hours there lol so I guess I will believe him. I still can't believe they went to Lego Land and he took maybe 3 pictures!!!!
After my day of meetings we got to go out to dinner with my aunt and 2 cousins!! I LOVE them and wish I saw them more because they are all AMAZING with the boys and to us!
Then Sunday we went and had brunch at a business partner of my dads before we drove home.

Lego Land
Trey at Lego Land
Boston at Lego Land
Trey would not leave Dustin & Austin alone lol he was on them constantly!
Trey with my cousins so his 2nd cousins?? Dustin & Austin
Bosty boy in his seat at dinner
My cousin Austin & Trey
Aunt Tracy & Boston at brunch in front of the vineyard

*Thank you so much Tracy for all the Valentine presents for all of us--I wish we could have seen you longer!


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Stillman Family said...

All this CRAP will be over soon Shan. I love you and pray for you guys all the time. On a side note...3 PICTURES AT LEGO LAND....WHAT THE! ha. Glad you are home!

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