Saturday, January 15, 2011

My 3.00 Wreath!

Soooo I have been seeing these book page wreaths on blogs and saw a couple in some boutiques (they are selling them for like $55.00) and decided that was my next project... So I went to the dollar store and bought a wreath frame and 2 books. (I am very sorry Walter Hunt that I bought 2 of your 600 page books for the sole purpose of tearing out every page, but then again if they were at the dollar store I am guessing they weren't winning any awards lol) Anyways then before I tore the pages out I painted the sides of the book gold. Then tore the pages out and just started folding and gluing away!!! Here is the tutorial I got some of my ideas from.
WARNING this was a little more time consuming than I thought lol--I used about 1100 pages.
Trey takes EVERY cushion off the couch whenever I do a project because normally I don't let him lol
This is where I pretend these are all LOVE letters from Mark lol
Then I decided to dangle a doo dad in the middle--One side talks about LOVE
One side says The Smith's--I printed that with my new SILHOUETTE people!!!!!
So obviously I am not a photographer but you get the idea!


Stillman Family said...

I LOVE IT!! Now, make me one. haha

Miss M! said...

Oh my goodness, that's AWESOME!!! And congrats on the Silhouette. I have one too and I lurrrrve it. So much better than the Cricut if you ask me. :)

Rachel Johnson said...

Cute! I like it better without the ribbon :)

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