Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Freshly Squeezed!

Trey helped me make orange juice
in my attempt to down as much vitamin C straight from the source!
So we have been hit HARD over here in the Smith house! Don't know exactly what it is but its AWFUL!!! I got it Saturday evening and still have it, Boston got it Monday night--and gave me one of my least favorite nights ever last night!!! I have been doing both motrin and tylenol to try and get a handle on his fever, but it just wasn't working he stayed at 102-104 ALL night long so he moaned and wimpered for about 10 hours straight. (I did call our peds hotline and apparently they don't start worrying til 105 degrees so I was just waiting to see if we were going to the ER or not) Then at exactly 7 this morning his fever broke and he fell asleep, but of course 15 minutes later Trey was up so I have been up since yesterday and can not wait to go to bed!!! I am a little nervous though for tonight because Trey still has not had the MAJOR fever yet and is just staying at 99, even when I had the fever it was at 103. Oh and Boston has a ear infection too--so that's fun lol!!! So hopefully we all get better soon....


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Rachel Johnson said...

Oh man! That sounds miserable. Hope the juice did the trick and you are all on the mend soon!!

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