Monday, October 8, 2012

Splash Pad

We absolutely LOVE our new neighborhood, and especially love the splash pad that is right next to our play ground! The boys ask to go all the time and it is such a nice option for getting the boys out of the house! We had another week filled with not so good news one thing being that even though we just paid 300.00 2 weeks ago on our washing machine to get fixed the guy said it will now be dying on us any day and we will need a new one (might I add that we just bought them 5 years ago and they were the brand new front loaders)--so that along with a few other bad circumstances this is a nice option when we feel like we just need fresh air! I think the boys have been getting antsy being in the house so much so I try to let them get out as much as possible. Boston moves 100 mph now so I was thrilled I even got these 2 pics of him playing:)

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