Wednesday, October 3, 2012


We kicked off October with some festive Pajamas and putting together a basket of goodies to surprise one of our neighbors with--I can not even tell you how AMAZING it is to own a home again in a neighborhood, and to have so many young families!!! This is also the 1st year I took Trey to BOO a neighbor so that was really fun since this is something we always did as a kid growing up:) He literally thought I was nuts after I told him to ring the door bell and then yelled run lol. We like to drive around and see all the "We were Boo'd" signs go up on doors. Now unfortunately we live in a sucky state that is hopefully going to start cooling off this week, but that does not seem to stop the boys in their pants/long sleeve PJ'S--they LOVE them:)
Still can NOT believe we have a girl so while the boys picked skeletons I got to get ladybug PJ's too:)

 I love looking at the past PJ pics:)

The boys and I made sugar cookies with little ghosts in some and the plastic spiders in the other half--SUPER easy and CUTE, and then of course other goodies!!!

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