Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our little Pumpkin!

Yes this idea is totally from pinterest lol,  but it was so cute it needed to be copied! We headed over to my sisters house so we could do both girls together and use each others props lol. It took 3 times of putting Lola in the pumpkin to get her to not scream (before the 3rd time we made the leg holes bigger for this chunk lol) and she had to have a towel in the back since she doesn't sit up at all yet. No huge smiles were given,but I still love the pics. Audie did awesome and didn't mind being in the pumpkin at all--I think she even liked it.

It was time to get out of the pumpkin lol


katie ridings said...

SO cute!! We did that with Matthew, he would not tolerate it without his clothes on, he cried the hardest I had ever heard him cry, so sad!!

Miss M! said...

You guys are killing me. I wish I had cool sisters like you to do this sort of thing with! I love it!

Rachel Johnson said...

How fun!! Super cute pictures although Lola looks like she may not love sitting in a pumpkin.

Renae said...


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