Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lola is 1 month old!!!

How in the world has 1 month gone by??? Literally I feel like we have only been in our new house for 2 weeks and since you and the house are the exact same age lol I feel like your only 2 weeks! The last few months have been so awful that I can honestly say you have helped put a smile on my face and distract me from life, and I am so thankful for that!!! Now that you are here I keep thinking of all these things you and I get to do and it makes me so excited! You are perfect in EVERY way--so far you have been so easy and laid back. Your an amazing nurser, and are starting to get all these rolls everywhere!!! I get excited to dress you every morning, and can't wait to get your ears pierced soon!!! You only get up 1-2 times at night which is not bad at all. Your a very noisy baby lol--you grunt all the time. So far you have only given Daddy the real smiles, and you seem to LOVE watching the boys when they come to talk to you--which is ALL the time!!! They LOVE you soooo much--Trey even calls you "pretty girl" which makes my heart smile. You have been the perfect addition to our family and definitely complete us!
Weight: 10 lbs {4 lb gain lol}
Length:19.7 inches {still}

Some other facts we have learned about you this month:
You like the pacifier
Your an AWESOME sleeper--already have your nights/days down
We have barely heard you cry
You seem to like the car
Your perfectly content if someone is holding you
You already went with Mommy on your 1st wedding which you behaved awesome!!
You love bath time
Your now in size 1 diapers
Your starting to fit 0-3 month clothes & PJ's--shed a tear with this one

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