Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Unfortunately we got some not so great news today in regards to Trey's adenoids--he does need them out:( We got an awesome referral from a friend who is a nurse and just took her son 3 year old son to see him so that makes me feel better, and I really did like the guy--just not what he said lol. This is the 2nd person to recommend this though, and they both have said his quality of life will improve 100X over so here is to hoping it goes well. The doctor said it really will only take 10-15 minutes to do the procedure, but he does have to be put under and have an IV--that alone can and will make me cry. I HATE picturing his tiny little body in a gown laying in a hospital bed--how will I hold it together, and I need to find out if I get to stay with him til he gets put under because I am already worrying about that. It is out patient so that is good, but I still HATE that this has to be done!!! Nothing has been scheduled, but I am guessing they will be calling VERY soon they were just waiting on one other person to look over X-Ray results. I am sure you have gathered from resent posts that the past few months have been rough--I am just ready for a break lol!!! Trey did do awesome at his appointments, but his eyes did well up with tears when the doctor brought out the model of inside a nose:(
 Waiting to see the ENT
 Lola's cute outfit she wore to Trey's appointment lol
 Trey & Mommy goofing around waiting for his X-rays
He loves to lay by her:)

*Boston spent the day with Daddy so I didn't have to take all 3 kids therefore I have no pics lol!

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Rachel Johnson said...

So sorry to hear this Shannon! I know you are not looking forward to the surgery but at least he will be able to breathe!! In other news.....why is Lola so big already???!

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