Friday, January 20, 2012

Toy Story on Ice

A few months back a bunch of our friends bought tickets to all take our kids to Toy Story on Ice--it was AWESOME and the boys were in AWE!! The seats were pretty low so it kept their attention the full 2 hours! We were suppose to kidnap Daddy from work for a little bit to join us, but of course it was a busy week so he couldn't go so we kidnapped Poppie from his work instead:) I highly recommend the show if your looking for something to do...

The Army men were for sure the FAVORITE act
The effects/stunts even impressed me:)

Trey & Presley

Boston stood like this 80% of the time in awe
Those were all Jazzercise Barbies lol
See those slushies--50.00 for those 4--I am dead serious:)


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