Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sleep Over...

Kristin & Preston had a free resort stay and dinner at Ruth Chris for Preston's work so we took Presley for the night... They don't have a ton of family here and how could they pass that offer up??? We have never had anyone spend the night and Presley had never spent the night other that her NaNa's so I was a little nervous, but all the kids went down GREAT--and other than my kids sleep in and she does not lol all went well!!!
Winding down after baths
Getting ready to read "The Very Quiet Cricket"
and knocked out:)--pretty sure this whole sleeping together thing won't last much longer but for now I LOVE the innocence!


Miss M! said...

I like how there is a pillow between them in the last photo so they won't accidentally catch boy/girl cooties in their sleep. HA!

Rachel Johnson said...

Sooooo cute!!

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