Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1st Day of Preschool

So the day came for Trey to start preschool... He was so excited to go back and see Miss Stasty as he calls her and to wear his new back pack. I was excited and sad all at the same time lol. It was so weird to not get out of the car and even walk him in(she comes out and meets you at your car) and to see him walk inside without me, and then to look in my backseat and only see 1 face and head home. This is going to take some getting used to! I didn't cry, but my eyes sure did well up, but I contained myself lol. The report after school was that he was QUIET lol, but he listened very well--he also likes to "wander" lol, but there were no tears the whole day!! Of course I had to send a little treat for him and his new 4 classmates so I made the cutest chocolate dipped pretzel sticks and made them into crayons!

Getting ready to walk in
How cool is it that she took some pics during the day and emailed the parents???
Trey S. & Trey C. lol
Coming out...
Boston was thrilled to get him back in the car:)
Back to school treats
Presley goes to the same school but the class after so we snagged a picture in between my pick up and her drop off!


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