Sunday, August 21, 2011

Presley's Birthday Party!

I know I have totally been slacking on the blogging lately, but wedding season is here and is taking up all my free time lol! Anyways I had a wedding EARLY this morning (9am ceremony so a VERY freaking early set up lol) and then after that it was off to Presley's birthday party which was BEYOND ADORABLE--I love having creative friends lol!!!! It was a ice cream theme and everything was so cute & frilly & pink!!!
My bestest friend!
Mark fulfilling his token "black guy" quota lol--I'm pretty sure this pic will be framed in the house
All the yummy desserts!

Presley modeling her new fur coat from my mom lol since my mom has no other little girls to buy for it had to be extra girly!
Bubba with his Pree
Miss Presley Kate--look at her necklace!!

*Side note I have had like 50 people ask where Trey's birthday party pics are--they are coming but there is a magazine that is looking to publish the party in our city and I am waiting on the final rules ect. on when I can release them:)

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