Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yogurt all around

So Boston is still on his food strike (besides yogurt) so I try to sneak pureed veggies in with it and from the pics below you would think he loved it BUT he is fooling you he is just smiling because I have to act like the biggest retard there is just to get him to open his mouth... Oh and because Boston has yogurt all the time now so does Trey ...
This was green beans added

See how Lightning McQueen (aka Kachow) joins us at every meal too



Stillman Family said...

HAHAHA...fricken KACHOW! I love it!! Love those cute faces too...and that you have to clean that up and not me ;)

The Fraley Family said...

Shannon this is soooo funny! What we do to make our kids eat, smile, ect.... And seriously I think our older boys are the same person! So many things you talk about go on with Brayden :) the JOYS of BOYS :)

Jessica Stoker said...

Jackson brings Lightning car to every meal too. What cute boys we have?

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