Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trey Speech Update

So today Trey had his 1st little part of his evaluation to see if he needs speech therapy. (At his 2 year well check his doctor told us to have him evaluated because he is borderline delayed with expressive language) So we found out that as of now it's not considered delayed but he is very borderline so at 27 months he will be re-evaluated to see if he has progressed. I guess at 27 months there is a whole other batch of things that he should be doing so if he does not catch up in the next 6 weeks we then proceed to do the therapy. So now we will work with him a ton to try and catch him up. Here is the REALLY stupid part-- say we catch him up a little but not enough then we get to come out of pocket ALL the money because our stupid insurance won't cover it but say he is 50% or more delayed then the state pays for some of it and sends the therapist to your house to do the sessions (i like that option lol especially not having to leave my house) So I guess time will tell, but we will be praying that he just catches up!!!! Since we had to do that I figured I would make the effort to let Trey go to my brother's football game that night (Boston HATES staying up past 8 so its kind of a pain plus I LOVE that he likes his bed time and I have this fear if I keep him out later too many times he will turn into Trey and be able to hang til 10!!!--I really just need to find a babysitter that can come to the house lol but I am a paranoid freak and have only let family watch my kids so far)
Auntie Shayla, Trey, & I at the TUKEE BOWL
*Trey LOVES football so much he actually sits and watches the game the whole time we are there (we always leave at half time because of bed time for Boston so I guess it's not extremely long)



Stillman Family said...

So then I will consider myself "family" since I have watched your kids!! =) -Love Aunt Kristin ;)

Mark, Shannon, Trey & Boston said...

Yes you don't count Kristin lol!

Mommy to a Tater Tot said...

You know I can always watch a kid or two! Let me know if you need help. Hang in there with Trey's speech stuff, he's gonna be just fine regardless. :)

Sara said...

wow - he sits and watches the game! that's impressive! good luck w/ the speech thing and keep us updated! ps- i can watch those 2 anytime (not showing favorites but especially that teeny tiny boston, OMG i love him! And trey too of course - I bet he'd just play play play with the girls!)

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