Thursday, September 23, 2010


Boston in last 7 months you for sure have made my heart double in size for the LOVE I have for you! You add so much to our family!
What you have been up to:
-You do this thing where you grab my face with both hands and bring it to your face for a wet kiss and I LOVE it!!!
-You reach for me now--which MELTS my heart
-You are so ticklish which is so fun when we play!!!
-Aug. 31 your 1st little tooth popped thru and 3 days later so did another
-You decided to boycott food this month which has been soooo NOT fun--I have to get you to laugh every time to open your mouth then shove the binky in your mouth after every bite! You are hating every single fruit and veggie there is except you will eat yogurt. So you my friend will have NO little licks of ice cream or sweets til we get this figured out!
-You do little crawls here and there but are not going from room to room yet
-You still only laugh the hardest at Trey which normally means he is doing something that I am not thrilled about lol
-You LOVE LOVE LOVE your Daddy--he can make you smile and get all excited as soon as he gets home from work
-You are starting to sit up and even sat up alone from the crawl position
-You have the sweetest, calming disposition (most the time)
-You love to stand against things--but are still quite wobbly
-You are still sleeping quite well--so much so that when you wake up in the morning to eat I don't even care because I can't wait to see you!
It's all bittersweet I love seeing you grow and accomplish things but I am already missing my newborn--I can see why people just keep having babies lol!


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