Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bye Bye Ba!!!!

Yes I realize I was suppose to do this awhile ago according to the doctor but I didn't lol! I did not think there was a huge problem because its not like Trey was running around with a bottle and had to have it all day while he played ect. plus I had my mom in my ear saying all the things we do now days are stupid because we all turned out fine. Plus I worked so hard to get him to take the bottle at 10 months after I nursed I was NOT going to just take it away 2 months later. Anyways for the past year I would give him it before bed (yes yes I know don't you all gasp I know you secretly are doing things your not suppose to do either, but your HIDING it lol) Anyways randomly I found these cups at the store with CARS on them and thought Trey will love these, maybe I will just give him this now at night cuz he can have KACHOW with him (he calls lightning mcqueen Kachow) so last night I did it and there was no issue at all. So here is the goodbye ceremony with the ba's. Oh and I dont want to hear your thoughts on how I give him a cup before bed still lol--its not like its juice lol!!!


Miss M! said...

If I stop at McDonalds to get a sweet tea because I'm thirsty, my kid starts screaming TIES! TIES! from the backseat.

No stones thrown here! :)

The Fraley Family said...

You are soo funny! We still give brayden milk before bed too in a sippy cup... but something that is worse is he requests "hot milk"... he will drink it cold throughout the day but at night all we hear is "Hot MILK" :)

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